Hello, my name's Alannah [ah•lar•nah if you're trying to read it in your head and getting a little confused], I'm 19 and a 2nd year Fashion Management student at Nottingham Trent University. Here you will find my pictures and ramblings (I aim to keep it short and sweet) of and about clothes I wear, clothes I want to wear (if I weren't a poor student), and general fashion natter.

Check out my Depop Shop to buy some beloved ex-wardrobe pieces for cheap as chips prices.

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To contact me directly, please email: alannahbeth@gmail.com

I'm always on the lookout for fashion internship opportunities, so please contact if you know of anything that may be appropriate. Click here for my LinkedIn profile.

If you need any more info, or just fancy a chat, feel free to email or contact via social media.

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