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Thursday, May 05, 2016

As my first year at uni is coming to a close, I thought I'd do a little room picture tour of my humble abode. I live in Gill Street South Halls of Residence on the City campus at Nottingham Trent, and as the accommodation is relatively new, I found that finding pictures before I came was a challenge. Hopefully if you're reading this you can find out more detail of the rooms than the odd advertising images online, plus some tips and tricks for anyone moving to university, or otherwise if you're reading just for a nosy; hello MTV and welcome to my crib.

The first thing to point out about the room, which you can clearly see, is that the décor is pretty much all white with a spot of turquoise thrown in. This makes the room feel bright and fresh and very instagrammable, however, it takes A LOT of cleaning to get it to such a state. As in dusting every day... every few hours even. So if you aren't the cleanest of people, I wouldn't recommend such a place.

The desk space in the room is massive, which is great for storing and presenting stationary, make up and boxes of bits and bobs. I bought a lot of my storage holders from B&M (which is also where I got my beaut cream dinner set with little hearts on it) - I'd deffo recommend it as a must for pre-moving purchases, as the stuff is a lot cheaper than similar items in places like Dunelm and The Range.

The noticeboard is also huge; you can use blue tack which is a lot better than the standard pin boards in other halls. I have taken advantage of the space big time with the wall planner and a selection of inspirational/pretty images and my personal photographs. I think pictures are what really makes your uni room feel like your own, as well as bringing some life and colour to an otherwise blank room.

GSS rooms are pretty amazing for storage space - utilising shelves and under the bedside desk into blocks to section off your belongings, meaning you can arrange each block to look pretty. As well as all of this, and of course the wardrobe (coming up soon), under the bed is another great storage area. I keep bulky things like my suitcase, bags, a box of bedding and even a tub of food under there as the kitchen space is limited.

I couldn't believe I actually managed to fit all my clothes in the wardrobe when I first came, its actually a decent size with useful shelves and shoe storage space. And there's some hooks on the wall by the door to put allllll your humongous coats necessary for Midlands weather.

The ensuite bathroom is a wetroom, its not massive but also not teeny. I thought at first that everything in there would get soaked by the shower, but if you use the curtain then its actually alright. The main downside is that the sink is really small, and its really hard to get a proper face wash in it (unless you fancy bashing your head on the shelf).

So there you have it! Please feel free to ask any questions about the accommodation or uni/freshers at Trent itself, I may do another post about it if it would be helpful to any of you! Let me know your thoughts and comments, thank you for reading!

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  1. I've ended up in these uni blocks a few times (after nights out, oops!) and they are soooo nice! Such a lovely place to spend first year. You've decorated yours so nicely too. It looks really homely

  2. your room looks so lovely!! loved the calender and all the photos on the wall, as well as the cute throw pillow (:

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