Aegean Cruise Series - Getting Lost in Mykonos

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Jumper - Mango;
Jeans - Matalan;
Shoes - eBay;
Bag- Primark;

Mykonos is a really beautiful island, my favourite of where we visited on the holiday because of the bright blue and white architecture and windy streets. It is an Instagram haven (I had to include some snaps for this post; check out my insta @alannahhames for more holiday pics) and I'd love to go back and stay for longer in the Summer. Visiting in March meant it was super windy and chilly, hence the jeans and jumper combo, but thankfully the sun shone for the photos.

It was on this day that shortly after taking these photos, my beloved shoes gave way when I slipped on absolutely nothing (something I'm ace at), snapping the strap completely and leaving me to walk barefoot back to the ship. RIP you trusty pieces of poor-quality plastic :( On the bright side, this means a new Summer shoe investment is actually required, which I'll be on the look out in no time.

Have you been to Mykonos? What do you think to the island?

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