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Thursday, October 23, 2014

On 27th September I left the dreary English weather and headed to Venice with my family and boyfriend. We'd planned the trip a while back after I decided I wanted to be out of the country for my 18th, and after looking on RyanAir's £30 fares we chose Venice as the destination.

Outfit: this silky blue patterned dress with its elasticated waist and cute collar was perfect for the sunny weather and comfort factor needed for the all-day adventures. I bought it off AliExpress with low expectations due to its price (I think about £6 inc. postage from China) but it does the job and looks pretty on. As I just noted about the comfort, unfortunately the shoes didn't quite deliver in the same way, but me being stubborn I couldn't bring myself to walk around the beautiful city in canvas shoes (no offence to canvas shoe lovers!) The shoes were from eBay for £17, and fair play to them they lasted the whole weekend and thereafter (unlike the black versions I bought which snapped on the first day of wear after I tripped over in the park due to my excitement of buying ice cream from the ice cream van parked outside). The sunglasses are £3 from Primark, and I bought the straw shoulder bag for £5 off Depop (if you don't use Depop, get on it asap!).

Although I took an array of clothes with me - shorts, skirts, jeans, tops, playsuits, you name it - I found that dresses took the top spot for wearing in Venice with the warm weather and endearing atmosphere of the city. This red one was £15 in the Topshop sale, and I love the figure flattering fit.

Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with G. Hint: it ends in 'eorge Clooney'. The Venetian wedding of the decade happened to be at the time I was there, with the official ceremony held on my birthday. Even with checking the Clooney news every evening, seeing him and taking this picture happened by complete chance! We found our was to Palazzo Grassi to visit the Illusion of Light and Irving Penn exhibitions (which were both fantastic, even my boyfriend enjoyed it who isn't the biggest of modern art lovers (< understatement), it's definitely worth a visit) and just before we went in my dad heard some muffled screaming. Seconds later, Mr and Mrs Clooney sped down the canal with MASSES of paparazzi swarming around them - helicopters, the lot. Even from the pretty big distance, Amal Alamuddin's Giambattista Valli Couture dress made me gasp, it was absolutely stunning and she looked beautiful next to George.

I used ND filters for this image, and with a bit of Photoshop tweeking I think it'll turn out nicely. *I haven't used Photoshop on any of these images yet due to not having the software at home - I will update them when I get them done at school**
This dress is from Asos, which I bought out of curiosity more than anything because the dress is also a co-ord. The top and skirt have poppers on which attaches them, and it means you can mix and match the crop top and midi skirt in pattered, light crepe fabric with other pieces. It makes such a good purchase for limited packing needs, as I could get two outfits from it - the above the top attached, and below with a plain black top and belt.

How cute was my apartment?! So different and quirky and in a great position, it was wonderful.

Thanks for reading, I'll try and get those Photoshopped pictures up soon! Let me know any thoughts and comments, have you been to Venice? are you planning on going? I took over 1000 pictures which I've narrowed down to 500, if you want to see any more give me a shout!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Nice dress and good post :)




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